Nimlok North Company History

the beginning

Probably the most logical place to start with our history is by answering a question we get almost daily, “Where did you get that sexy name?”

Contrary to popular belief, Nimlok is not the name of a character in a Sci-Fi film, nor is it an acronym (New Improved Modulars Look Outstanding, Karen), or even a combination of the founder’s name, Neil Nimmo, and the genius trade show exhibit interlocking system he created in the United Kingdom in 1972.

Wait. That’s exactly where our name came from. Well, our current name, anyway.

Before we were Nimlok, we were ABF Displays. An exhibit production and support company creating structures for Twin Cities businesses.

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Founded in 1974 by Jerry and Mary Pat Fleck, ABF (named for the Fleck’s daughters Ann and Bessy) quickly grew to serve a broader area of the Midwest, utilizing many of Nimlok’s products. By the early 1980’s, ABF became an independent Nimlok partner and eventually changed its name to Nimlok North.


In 1990 the Fleck’s nephew Joe Greeley came on board, working in every facet of the family business until he knew it inside and out. By 2010 it was time for Jerry and Mary Pat to hand the proverbial reins over to Joe, who has been the owner of this privately held company ever since.


In an effort to serve more clients who wanted exhibits specific to their businesses, Joe and his team began playing in the Custom Modular arena. Their creativity, humility, and attention-to-detail quickly earned Nimlok North’s branded exhibit arm a stellar reputation.


Today, Nimlok North offers a wide range of trade show booth options, has a client list that spans the length of the country, and enjoys unrivaled customer satisfaction levels. But their local roots keep them grounded in what truly matters – working with your business to build an exhibit that will help you SHOW UP.

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