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Making the Case for Nimlok North

Sometimes a little visual aid goes a long way. So does drawing inspiration from what others are doing. Well, this is the place to see how Nimlok North trade show display solutions perform in the real world. You might just get a few ideas for your next show!

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Nimlok North is the undisputed leader in the development of custom modular displays that fit your exhibit needs perfectly. These bold, custom creations can adapt and evolve from show to show.

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Client: Comet USA

Andrew Montan, Marketing Director at Comet USA, talks about working with Nimlok North. Client Needs Comet USA is an American distributor for the Italian high pressure plunger pump manufacturer, Comet Spa. Comet USA specializes in high pressure plunger pump applications ranging from consumer markets up to commercial and industrial [...]

Client: Sojos

Client Needs Sojos is a dog food manufacturer, specializing in raw freeze-dried foods and treats. At the 2017 Global Pet Expo, Sojos sought to elevate its brand profile within the pet food industry as well as educate attendees on the benefits of its raw dog food products. Sojos desired [...]

Client: Winfield

Client Needs Winfield provides pest-control, plant nutrition, turf and agriculture services and products to markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico. For the annual Farm Progress show, Winfield wanted to use games to engage and educate attendees to create awareness of their products and brand. Winfield partnered with [...]

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