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WHY? The big WHY!

Why are we doing the show? What outcome do we want?

Brand: How can we help your brand Show Up on the show floor?
People: Who are we trying to reach?  Who’s going to reach them?
Engage: How are we interacting with clients & prospects?
Execute: How does it all come together?
Design: Where do style, function, imagery and messaging meet?

It’s time to make a difference for your business at your next show

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move the needle

the why: a trade show exhibit should move the needle

Trade shows are a significant investment. They take time and effort, take staff out of the office or out of the field.  Plus, the costs of the show itself, travel, hotel, etc. So your appearance at the show and your exhibit should be making a difference. A new exhibit, large or small, and the results from the show itself need to impact your business in a positive way. Move the needle!

It’s time to change the conversation. Start looking beyond structures and start talking about goals and objectives. It’s not only what Nimlok North does, it’s why.

trade show outcomes

engagement: understand & talk about trade show outcomes

In order to develop an effective exhibit design that results in a successful trade show for your business, you have to start by asking a lot of questions and digging deeper. Flush out the reasons why you’re attending in the first place and what you want to accomplish. Figure out the ways to drive more traffic and drive your business.  Don’t fall into the trap of the sea of hanging signs.

It’s not only about design, it’s about understanding the desired outcomes. Design is overarching, but before it goes there, let’s start with what you want to achieve. When the show is over and you go back to the office and say, “That was a great show because…”

Let’s understand. That’s where this conversation starts.

Create an exhibit storyboard

connect brand & people: develop the story

Brand on the show floor is all about awareness. Do people know you? Do people know everything that you do? Do they know one thing that you do? You need to tell a really good story. This is not an infinite audience; it’s a captive audience. What story can we create that will make that audience stop and engage?

From 150 feet away your booth needs to convey something that’s unique and grabs attention and says, “This is your company!” Then, as you get closer, start telling that story. Even closer yet and it’s time to engage.

It’s creating a story that’s quick, clean, clear and efficiently delivered. Time is of the essence.

deliver & execute

time to execute: deliver, set up & exhibit

Last but DEFINITELY NOT least, it’s performance time, time to deliver the goods. Time to build it, test it, and break it down. If you like, we’ll bring it to the venue, set it up and test it again. Then make sure everyone is in full make up, on their marks, and knows their lines, so when the curtain goes up, you… SHOW UP.

And that’s the magic. That’s how Nimlok North can help.

Nimlok North Customer

if you’re thinking about it…

If you’re thinking about how a custom modular exhibit might work for your business, the best thing you can do is call Nimlok North at 651.647.0598 or connect online. Let’s talk.