Of course, we’re biased. We worked long and hard on giving it a fab, new vibe. Plus, we like our style, and laugh hardest at our own jokes, so take our unabashed braggadocio with a grain of salt.

Then, have a look! You’ll find:

  • Funky, fresh photos from Planet Awesome. (It’s where we go to create.)
  • Our new trademarked tagline “SHOW UP” all over the place. It means we’ll do a great job for you. You’ll get the best exhibit ever. Your company will be the talk of the show. Business will boom. The clouds will part. And rainbows will shoot from your eyeballs. (You’re didn’t think we were going to say “eyeballs”, did you?)
  • A bunch of stuff about us. Our 40+ history, our amazing staff, and other things you may or may not care about, but we felt obligated to include.
  • Descriptions of the incredible variety of booths we create for shows big and small, whether you’re headed downtown or across the world.
  • The proof. The pudding. The portfolio. You want to see what we’ve done for others before you decide if we can do it for you. We get it. And we can’t wait for you to check out our work.
  • EXTRAS! Tips, tricks, and industry advice like our downloadable Trade Show Guide to Success, budgeting worksheets, social media strategies, and lots more.

If you like what you see, take the next step and stop by. Our offices are almost as sweet as our website. We love entertaining guests. Plus, when you see everything up close and personal, you get really clear on what you need (and sometimes that saves you some cash!)

Thanks for visiting!