Crazy Neighbor

Joe Greeley here, for Nimlok Minnesota. Yeah, so you have that neighbor in your neighborhood, somebody that you see coming and you kind of jump behind the bushes - you kind of avoid at all costs? You know that conversations going to go on and on, they’re never going to [...]

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Good Sucks

Joe Greeley here, with Nimlok Minnesota. Good sucks, doesn’t it?  Think about it. When people say, “Hey, how you doing?”  “I’m good, I’m fine.”  “How’s this going?” “It’s good, it’s fine.” You kind of know they’re just being polite, right? They really don’t want to tell you.  Hey, maybe I’m [...]

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Are You Beige?

Joe Greeley here, with Nimlok Minnesota. Here’s what’s on my mind - Are you beige? Webster’s Dictionary describes beige as a yellowish sandy colored brownish color - ick! Right? Beige…boring. It also describes it as lacking distinction.  Oh, another exciting phrase, right?  Think of beige for a minute; think about [...]

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