Joe Greeley here, with Nimlok Minnesota.

Here’s what’s on my mind – Let’s Get Off the Grid.

Now, when you hear that, please don’t be alarmed.  I’m not suggesting that we go join the Alaskan Bush People, nor am I suggesting that we become Amish.  However, some days that sounds attractive, doesn’t it? I have to admit, it’s crossed my mind every now and then.

What I’m really here to talk about a little bit is, let’s get off the technology grid – put down the devices every now and then.  We’re midway through the holidays, and we’re coming up on the New Year weekend.  Maybe it’s time we put down the phones for a little bit, put down the texting, put down the emailing for a little bit.  Spend some time engaging with our friends, our family, neighbors, and other people.  Actually talking, actually listening! Actually enjoying one another’s company rather than the crazy device every 30 seconds.

Just recently I saw a commercial for Xfinity, the cable internet provider, and they referred to Grandmother’s house as the ‘gates of hell’ because Grandma had none of these services. Didn’t have wifi, didn’t have video games, didn’t have Netflix.  Really?  You’re referring to Grandma as the ‘gates of hell’? What have we come to?

How about we put down the actual devices and listen to them – they’re wise people. And spend some time with our cousins, our uncles, our aunts our friends, our family, again – through the new year instead of thinking of it as the ‘gates of hell’.

I also think of trade shows.  Not too long ago I was at a show, and again – I saw phones out all over the place. I know, I know, I can hear you now.  You’re rolling your eyes, and you’re thinking, yeah I know Joe, I know we’re not supposed to do this. I know that, too, but how come we keep doing it — right?  If you’ve got your phone out, your clients, your prospects, are they going to stop?  Are you going to stop? I’m not going to. I’m going to be an inconvenience at that point.

Let’s think of some things along the way here.  Now, I’m not suggesting that we abandon these devices completely.  They’re part of our daily lives and part of how we do business, so we get it. But hey, if you have a client on death row, and you’re waiting for a call with a stay of execution from the Governor, go ahead – take the call. Otherwise – do you really need to?

Or maybe you’re a brain transplant surgeon, and you have a donor – take the call!  We get it! But most of us don’t have things quite that pressing. Maybe it’s time we stop, talk, listen, and engage with our clients and our prospects. Put the phone down.  Come up with innovative ways. Do a “no phone zone”. Come up with …. kind of like the old “swear jar”. If you say a curse word you put in a quarter.  Here maybe we put in five bucks …. instead of five maybe we make it fifty.  Make it sting a little bit.

Anyway, Happy New Year, and I’ll leave you with this – somebody once said, and I don’t know who, “Wasn’t life a lot easier when apples and blackberries were just fruit?”  I couldn’t agree more.

Again, Happy New Year, and enjoy your time with your friends, your family, and let us know how we can help.